The Manual of Style is a guide to new and old members alike which are guidelines that must be followed and obeyed by every member. They contribute in helping members create me articles and improving old articles and helping the way that members should format their English. Any information that is in need of questioning should go to the founder, Shilus.

If you are looking for information on how to start editing on wikia, please go to the Wikia Help page.

Grammar and DesignEdit


Please use italics for any titles that refer to titles of games or anything similar. Italics are a slanted version of letters and can be edited in the tool bar above the description areas. Here is the current list of everything that should be put in italics:


Capitalisation is something we are more loose with. Please note we do not follow capitalisation styles similar to other wiki's so our rules may slightly vary.


  • Every sentence begins with a capital letter. (Example: John was later accused of murder, but this accusation was false. However, I, too, question his innocents some days.)
  • Titles and Second Headings must be capitalised. (Example: Grammar and Design)
  • Words like "of", "and" and "or" are not capitalised.
  • Names and nicknames are always capitalised. (Example: American McGee.)

"I", "You" and "We"Edit

Please restrain yourself from using opinion on this wiki, especially that of your own. "I" should only be used in character quotes and should never be used to refer to a wiki user. "You" should be replaced with "The player" in every possible instants that is avoidable. "The player" can also be replaced with the protagonists name, which is the prefered method. We and other similar terms should be avoided at all costs. Please keep the wiki formal.


Please do not abbreviate any names whatsoever. This rule is only avoided in only two instances, which is explaining any abbreviations which may be used and any abbreviations which are used more than the original term itself.


  • Explaining abbreviations. (Example: Coca-Cola, also refered to as Cola, is one of America's most popular drinks.)

Please also note than when refering to titles, please do not use "1" as a valid form of depiciting an original. Such as "Super Mario Bros." would not become "Super Mario Bros. 1". It would remain as its original title.