The Akaneiro Wiki Rules () are rules that are followed by old and new members alike. They must be followed with respect. The rules are a seperate section to the Manual of Style, but both must be followed adequitly.

Basic Rules:Edit

  1. Do not vanadlize the wiki. You must create and develop wiki pages that are accurate and follow the Manual of Style. This includes no information which is sexist, racist or homophobic unless it can be justified.
    • By justified, we do not mean that you can do as you please. We mean you must have suffiecient evidence to prove this is part of the game and is accurate. Such as in Bioshock Infinite, they are many racist themes, this would be deemed as acceptable due to the fact it is historically accurate. Opinions must be kept to one's self when editing an article, therefore writing anything similar to "Red was a sandwitch maker who should have stayed in the kitchen" will result in an instant ban. This behavior is not tolerated whatsoever.
  2. Do not start edit wars.You should not argue with members over information unless you know that it is incorrect information. An edit war is when two members change information back and forth in the attempt to show that their edits are superior. You are not allowed to ban anyone over an edit war if you are an Adminstrator. All quiries must be sent to the Wiki founder, Shilus.
  3. You must respect copyright. Please only upload official artwork and screenshots to the wiki in order to avoid any confusion. Please use Tineye to check the sources of images as we do not wish to use fan art on the wiki. If you feel that fan art would be best suited for a certain wiki page, please get written consent from the artist before upload and keep a screenshot of the messages archieved.
  4. Please do not upload watermarked images. It will make our wiki look more clean and original.
  5. Follow COPPA laws and restrictions. Please do not become or apply for Adminstrator if you are not over the age of thirteen as not only is it law, but it is a site rule. If COPPA does not apply to your country, it still applies to this wiki as when you join the site you agree to the sites rules, including COPPA. You have permission to ban people who are violating COPPA on the condition you have evidence and have the power.
  6. Please use previews before publishing an article. It prevents HTML and CSS from formatting wrongly and conflicting, and means you need to edit less.
  7. Please try and fit in as much possible information to an edit. Please do not edit the same section of an article more than three times in the term of a week.
  8. Please use edit summaries. Summaries are extremely appreciated, and needed especially if you are eding something that could seem debatable. Use it to back up your sources. They do not have to be long or extremely detailed.
  9. Do not create categories without permission. Please ask Shilus kindly for any categories that you may wish to add!
  10. Prove any citation. If information may require proof, whether it is well known or not, please provide a link references next to the sentence by adding <ref> </ref> and putting a link in between. If you do not, then your edit can and will be deleted.