Masteries are forms of expertise for certain forms of practise. In Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, there are two forms of mastery; Weapon Mastery and Armor Mastery. Once a character profile has been created and the Disciplines have been set, the player is given a default mastery of two aspects that is level one dependant on their discipline.

  • Prowess (Level I) - Dueling and Medium Armor
  • Fortitude  (Level I) - Two-Handed and Heavy Armor
  • Cunning (Level I) - Duel Wielding and Light Armor


Weapon MasteryEdit

Weapon Mastery is the first form of mastery out of two that the player must deal with. Similar to Disciplines, there are three different forms of Weapon Mastery; Dueling, Two-Handed and Duel Wielding, each with different aspects they corrospond to. The masteries are used at their most powerful when equpt with weapons that corrospond to the mastery form (For example, two-handed weapons use two-handed masteries).

If the player has enough Karma, they can learn Weapon Mastery with the non-playable character Trainer Takeda, who will help improve the players grade considerably.